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What’s up Doc? Mayoral candidate to write novel

18 Mar

By Maham Khan

In the shadow of unbeatable odds, stood some candidates who decided the odds didn’t matter.

The results of this past mayoral election confessed what many predicted: a lot of money and big endorsements usually win. But still, a strong lineup of horses approached the election track.

One of those horses—the least bet upon—was Dock Walls. Walls was the most under-covered and poorest of the final six candidates (contrary to what Miguel del Valle claimed all season), raising under $5,000 for his entire campaign.

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Pan Asian group flunks Rahm, but gives del Valle a top grade

11 Feb

(Photo by Maham Khan)

By Maham Khan

Rahm Emanuel’s absence was conspicuous at the recent Pan Asian mayoral candidate forum, organized by the Pan Asian Voter Empowerment (PAVE) group of the Asian American Institute.

The four candidates present were Carol Moseley Braun, Gery Chico, Miguel del Valle and Patricia Van Pelt-Watkins; plastered to the candidates’ table was plain white poster board with the words “Rahm Emanuel?” written on it.

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