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What’s up Doc? Mayoral candidate to write novel

18 Mar

By Maham Khan

In the shadow of unbeatable odds, stood some candidates who decided the odds didn’t matter.

The results of this past mayoral election confessed what many predicted: a lot of money and big endorsements usually win. But still, a strong lineup of horses approached the election track.

One of those horses—the least bet upon—was Dock Walls. Walls was the most under-covered and poorest of the final six candidates (contrary to what Miguel del Valle claimed all season), raising under $5,000 for his entire campaign.

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Ex-Ald. Oberman: Campaigns need public financing to be fair

5 Mar

By Evan Taylor

Martin J. Oberman served as alderman of Chicago’s 43rd Ward from 1975 to 1987. He was an acknowledged expert of the city budget and a constant adversary of the Chicago City Council’s heavy-handed political majority.

After leaving the City Council, Oberman was appointed Chairman of the Shore Protection Commission, which was tasked with doing a rehabilitation of Chicago’s shoreline while ensuring environmental protection. He ran for Illinois Attorney General in 1981, 1986 and again in 1994. Currently, he is a lawyer in private practice.

Here are some observations he had about the Feb. 22 election:

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Moseley Braun disappears—on her Facebook page

26 Feb

By Megan Ashley

Facebook proved to be a popular campaign tool during Chicago’s mayoral election. Candidates used the social media platform to reach voters, contact volunteers, share pictures and educate potential supporters.

You might even say it predicted the winner: Rahm Emanuel had 59,897 followers on Tuesday, with Gery Chico at 5,036, Miguel del Valle 4,250 and Carol Moseley Braun 1,646.

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Election 2011: Lots of sizzle—but where were voters?

23 Feb

Aldermanic candidate Mitch Newman plants a sign of his own—directly in front of Rahm Emanuels sign—in the 43rd Ward. (Photo by Paige Wagenknecht)

It was one of the most historic Chicago mayoral elections in decades, with Rahm Emanuel now facing arguably the most daunting fiscal challenges since the Great Fire of 1871. But it was decided with only 40 percent of the eligible voters casting ballots, or about 10 percent less than predicted by officials.

That didn’t keep the day from being lively. Here’s a citywide, scrapbook look, compiled by DePolitics1011 staffers and other sources, at election-related happenings from start to finish.

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Rahm Emanuel wins big amidst low voter turnout

23 Feb

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Chico, del Valle show ‘consensus’ not a factor in Chicago elections?

21 Feb

By Maham Khan

The discussion over Latino votes in Chicago’s mayoral race has proved one thing: either polls lie, or “consensus candidates” are becoming more of an illusion than a reality.

Maybe that’s why both Miguel del Valle and Gery Chico knew there was no point in joining forces. And even if they did, according to the polls, they still wouldn’t make a dent in Rahm Emanuel’ numbers of Latino supporters.

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Quick quiz: Heard about the Mendoza vs. Horton runoff?

19 Feb

Susana Mendoza (left) and Patricia Horton (right) are vying to be Chicago's first female city clerk.

This may come as a shock to many voters when they get their ballots Tuesday, but, in addition to the race for mayor and their aldermanic race, there are two other citywide offices to be determined: Chicago City Clerk and City Treasurer.

The race for clerk, which is he office mayoral candidate Miguel del Valle’s is vacating, is a contest between two women: Susana Mendoza and Patricia Horton. Very little attention has been focused on this runoff and here are 10 things you may or may not know about it:

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