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How Emanuel is spending some of that reserve money

18 Mar

By Christine Hurley

The mayoral election is over, but what happens to the remaining funds Mayor-elect Emanuel has left? He began the year with little over $8.3 million in his campaign reserves. Now, it is estimated he has $2 million remaining.

Emanuel has chosen eight candidates in the 14 aldermanic run-off elections on April 5 to support. This can be financial or personnel.

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Chicago election first test for new campaign finance laws

23 Dec

By Christine Hurley

The Chicago elections Feb. 22 will be the first affected by the state’s new campaign finance law, but candidates still have a window to make it “politics as usual” before adhering to the standards.

Starting Jan. 1 at midnight, political candidates and organizations will have limits imposed on all money coming from private sources. There will also be limits on the transferring of money between political committees.

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