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From Ellis Island to GOP, a look at 5 memorable mayors

19 Mar

By Megan Ashley

Did you know Richard J. Daley started as a Republican? That a Chicago Tribune editor was a mayor of the city? That one mayor spent his first birthday as an immigrant on Ellis Island?

Rahm Emanuel joins a colorful group of predecessors when he’s sworn in and here’s a look at five of the more noteworthy:

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Chicago is no stranger to violence aimed at politicians

13 Jan

By Courtney Sturgeon

A crowd of constituents watched as a local Democrat stood before them on that winter day. Amongst them, a sinister young man, “with a ferocious hatred for politicians and their governments” according to the Chicago Tribune, had come with a heinous plot in mind. He raised his handgun and aimed for his target, shot the politician and four others. The crowd attempted to wrestle the man to the ground but it was too late.

The details outlined above may be reminiscent of the scene at Saturday’s shooting in Tucson. But Arizona U.S. Rep Gabrielle Giffords was not the target in this instance.

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