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Ex-Ald. Oberman: Campaigns need public financing to be fair

5 Mar

By Evan Taylor

Martin J. Oberman served as alderman of Chicago’s 43rd Ward from 1975 to 1987. He was an acknowledged expert of the city budget and a constant adversary of the Chicago City Council’s heavy-handed political majority.

After leaving the City Council, Oberman was appointed Chairman of the Shore Protection Commission, which was tasked with doing a rehabilitation of Chicago’s shoreline while ensuring environmental protection. He ran for Illinois Attorney General in 1981, 1986 and again in 1994. Currently, he is a lawyer in private practice.

Here are some observations he had about the Feb. 22 election:

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Now it can be told: How Mike Royko once influenced Chicago balloting

20 Jan

The late, great Mike Royko, Pulitzer Prize winning Chicago newspaper columnist, would have had a ball covering the Feb. 22 city election. Every one of his former readers can agree on that. From Slats Grobnik, his literary alter-ego, to more direct approaches deflating political balloons, the City Hall runoffs would be target-rich turf for Mike’s one-of-a-kind style and knowledge. Here is the latest segment in a periodic “Royko Retro” series leading to Feb. 22 voting for a new mayor and aldermen.

Paul Sullivan

Who: Paul Sullivan, Chicago Tribune baseball writer

Paul spent two years with Mike in the 1980s at The Tribune before moving to the sports department, where he became a beat writer in 1997 covering the Cubs (Royko’s favorite team). He describes his job with the famed newspaper columnist as “two grueling years as his reporter/researcher/Italian sausage fetcher/ bank check depositor and eventually learned how to become a reporter.”


Q: Do you have any favorite stories to tell from your time with Royko? Any memories that stick out more than others?

PS: Too many stories to mention, but I guess my favorite was when he decided that he wanted night baseball at Wrigley Field and was certain that most Cubs fans agreed with him. He decided to run a poll and asked fans to send him postcards saying “yes” or “no” to lights.

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Quick glance: 43rd Ward aldermanic candidates

12 Jan

By Zoe Barker

There are nine candidates listed on the latest, official ballot for picking the alderman from the 43rd Ward, which comprises much of Lincoln Park and DePaul University.

Not everyone has a web site or information on their qualifications, but they’ve all been invited to participate in Thursday’s public forum for candidates sponsored by the Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce. It starts at 6:30 p.m. and will be held in the Student Center, 2250 N. Sheffield Ave.

Not all candidates have made their backgrounds readily available, but here are thumbnail sketches for six potential participants:

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More than one Daley leaving; what’s next for Lincoln Park?

13 Oct


Vi Daley, alderman for the 43rd ward in Chicago, speaks with a journalism class from DePaul University. Daley chose not to run for a fourth term and will retire next year. (Kevin Sherman | kevin@kshermphoto.com)


By Courtney Sturgeon

As alderman of the 43rd Ward of Chicago, Vi Daley never has had a problem staying busy in one of the city’s most demanding neighborhoods—a constituency that includes DePaul University.

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