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Ex-Ald. Oberman: Campaigns need public financing to be fair

5 Mar

By Evan Taylor

Martin J. Oberman served as alderman of Chicago’s 43rd Ward from 1975 to 1987. He was an acknowledged expert of the city budget and a constant adversary of the Chicago City Council’s heavy-handed political majority.

After leaving the City Council, Oberman was appointed Chairman of the Shore Protection Commission, which was tasked with doing a rehabilitation of Chicago’s shoreline while ensuring environmental protection. He ran for Illinois Attorney General in 1981, 1986 and again in 1994. Currently, he is a lawyer in private practice.

Here are some observations he had about the Feb. 22 election:

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Smith escapes penalty in 43rd despite election rule-breaking

1 Mar

By Zoe Barker and Jennifer Schanz

In a city that’s made a name for itself out of back alley politicians and shady campaigning, accusations of foul play before an election could be a good way to flounder, but apparently not for Michele Smith.

The 43rd Ward Committeewoman and Chicago Aldermanic candidate received 38 percent of votes Feb. 22, leaving her and Tim Egan, who received 29 percent, to face each other in a runoff in April. An impressive majority one might say, given Smith ran against nine other candidates.

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43rd Ward headed for runoff? Egan, Smith split endorsements

16 Feb

By Megan Ashley

Is the 43rd Ward aldermanic race headed for a special runoff with no candidate able to capture more than 50 percent of the votes Tuesday?

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Just friends? Not in the 43rd Ward, where Smith group admits guilt

1 Feb
Michele Smith

Michele Smith, running for 43rd Ward alderman in Lincoln Park.

By Zoe Barker and Jennifer Schanz

After a relatively calm campaign thus far in Lincoln Park, water in the 43rd Ward is getting murky between retiring Ald. Vi Daley’s organization and one of the candidates seeking to replace her, Michele Smith, the ward’s committeeman.

A hearing before the Illinois State Board of Elections took place Dec. 16, 2010 in response to a complaint by “Friends of Vi Daley” treasurer Barbara Guttman in which she accused “Friends of Michele Smith” of illegally using Daley’s D-2 financial disclosure report to solicit donors.

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32nd Ward Lincoln Park candidate forum anything but relaxed

24 Jan

The 32nd Ward aldermanic forum participants were (from left): Brian Gorman, Bryan Lynch, David Palik and—distancing himself from the others—Ald. Scott Waguespack. (Photo by Jennifer Schanz)

By Jennifer Schanz

Following the previous Thursday’s mellow, candidate forum for Vi Daley’s aldermanic seat in the 43rd Ward, Lincoln Park’s sister ward, the 32nd, produced anything but a laidback event for residents.

Those in attendance Thursday evening expected the evening to be informational, including Kim Schilf, president and CEO of the Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce, which sponsored the forum.

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Emanuel wins poll of candidates for 43rd Ward aldermanic seat

14 Jan
Ald. Vi Daley (center), who is not seeking re-election, was just another face in the crowd in the 43d Ward forum for candidates seeking to replace her. Photo by Jennifer Schanz

Ald. Vi Daley (center), who is not seeking re-election, was just another face in the crowd in the 43rd Ward forum for candidates seeking to replace her. (Photo by Jennifer Schanz)

By Jennifer Schanz

The voting is more than a month away, but Rahm Emanuel won an unofficial balloting of aldermanic candidates Thursday night in a 43rd Ward election forum organized by the Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce and hosted by DePaul University in its Student Center.

It was not a landslide, however. City council candidates Rafael Vargas and Carmen Olmetti decidedly said Emanuel was their choice while Charles Eastwood, long-time chief of staff for current Ald. Vi Daley, said he favored anyone from this trio—Emanuel, Gery Chico or Miguel del Valle.

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Quick glance: 43rd Ward aldermanic candidates

12 Jan

By Zoe Barker

There are nine candidates listed on the latest, official ballot for picking the alderman from the 43rd Ward, which comprises much of Lincoln Park and DePaul University.

Not everyone has a web site or information on their qualifications, but they’ve all been invited to participate in Thursday’s public forum for candidates sponsored by the Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce. It starts at 6:30 p.m. and will be held in the Student Center, 2250 N. Sheffield Ave.

Not all candidates have made their backgrounds readily available, but here are thumbnail sketches for six potential participants:

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