Smith escapes penalty in 43rd despite election rule-breaking

1 Mar

By Zoe Barker and Jennifer Schanz

In a city that’s made a name for itself out of back alley politicians and shady campaigning, accusations of foul play before an election could be a good way to flounder, but apparently not for Michele Smith.

The 43rd Ward Committeewoman and Chicago Aldermanic candidate received 38 percent of votes Feb. 22, leaving her and Tim Egan, who received 29 percent, to face each other in a runoff in April. An impressive majority one might say, given Smith ran against nine other candidates.

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Moseley Braun disappears—on her Facebook page

26 Feb

By Megan Ashley

Facebook proved to be a popular campaign tool during Chicago’s mayoral election. Candidates used the social media platform to reach voters, contact volunteers, share pictures and educate potential supporters.

You might even say it predicted the winner: Rahm Emanuel had 59,897 followers on Tuesday, with Gery Chico at 5,036, Miguel del Valle 4,250 and Carol Moseley Braun 1,646.

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Election 2011: Lots of sizzle—but where were voters?

23 Feb

Aldermanic candidate Mitch Newman plants a sign of his own—directly in front of Rahm Emanuels sign—in the 43rd Ward. (Photo by Paige Wagenknecht)

It was one of the most historic Chicago mayoral elections in decades, with Rahm Emanuel now facing arguably the most daunting fiscal challenges since the Great Fire of 1871. But it was decided with only 40 percent of the eligible voters casting ballots, or about 10 percent less than predicted by officials.

That didn’t keep the day from being lively. Here’s a citywide, scrapbook look, compiled by DePolitics1011 staffers and other sources, at election-related happenings from start to finish.

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Rahm Emanuel wins big amidst low voter turnout

23 Feb

(Click for larger version.)

A Chicagoan explains his vote for Emanuel

22 Feb

By Sam Royko

(An opinion piece.)

In an election which may decide the future of the city I’ve come to call home, I’ve begun to ask myself the question—what makes Chicago unique?

One could argue that there are numerous traits that set Chicago apart from the big cities of the East and the sprawling cities of the West. We’re Midwest. We’re away from the glitz of Hollywood and the Wall Street money of New York. We have our own unique politics. And, when you look around, you’ll see generations of people who have come here to work hard.

This is reflected in everything that is Chicago. Just consider a few of these things.

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Shrinking black vote to Rahm instead of Moseley Braun?

22 Feb

By Jennifer Schanz

Chicago’s minority voting demographics are changing, and nothing is more representative of this than the city’s mayoral election. But in looking at mayoral campaigns thus far, how much will the population of ethnic groups really affect this elections outcome?

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Chicago’s magnificent 7: Election just another day

21 Feb

By  Paige Wagenknecht

On Election Day, not every ward of the 50 in Chicago will be buzzing with aldermanic anticipation. For better or worse, seven city council races will have a single candidate.

They are a colorful group. One has a $6.6 million war chest despite never facing opposition, another loves to find city jobs for his family, and one makes arguably the best cinnamon rolls in Chicago. Read on:

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