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Mayoral candidates unanimous: Rahm’s residency was distraction

30 Jan

Rahm Emanuel addressed the residency ruling as he took questions from the media after Thursday night's televised mayoral debate on WGN-TV. (Photo by Christine Hurley)

By Christine Hurley and Maham Khan

If the Chicago mayoral election seems like a circus to some, the Thursday night debate inside WGN-TV studios was in the correct room. Until 2001, Studio 1—the site of the debate—was Bozo the Clown’s home.

There was no walking line of elephants, but the road leading to the studios was lined with Gery Chico and Rahm Emanuel supporters buoyed by a Supreme Court decision to let their man remain on the ballot just a few hours earlier. Every major television channel had a camera at the front doors waiting to catch a glimpse of the candidates.

If you’re looking for the play-by-play, here is a recap of the live DePolitics1011 Twitter feed during the debate:

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It’s not debatable: Conaty’s 10 tips for keeping score

31 Oct

To debate or not debate? That is the question. Front-runners never like to debate, or at least not on TV or in front a large audience. Make a mistake and—swoosh—there goes the lead. On the other hand, the underdog sees an opportunity to make up lost ground in a hurry.

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