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Chicago Tribune columnist: Boehner faces diversity challenge

17 Nov

By Kelli Heinz

People wanted to send a message to Washington. After two years since President Obama’s inauguration, the American public felt the promise for change has yet to be seen.

Many are not happy with the economy, unemployment and the new health care system. These issues dragged many voters out Nov. 2 in hopes of putting candidates in office to make change in Washington.

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GOP strategist McGovern: Anger pushed us over the top

16 Nov

By Courtney Sturgeon

“Anger is what drove this election,” said John McGovern, Vice President of Resolute Consulting. “Anger at a lot of things.”

If anyone knows about what drives an election, it’s McGovern. He served as a senior advisor to former U.S. Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert, for eight years. He also played a role as Hastert’s press secretary and campaign spokesperson.

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While Tea Party celebrated, Green Party seeks day in court

8 Nov

By Jennifer Schanz

While the Tea Party was tabulating the spoils of victory after the general election, the Green Party in Illinois was ready to go to court.

According to a party announcement, the Green’s gubernatorial candidate Rich Whitney and U.S. Senate candidate LeAlan Jones filed suit against WTTW, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the Public Broadcasting Service and its president and CEO, Daniel J. Schmidt, over their exclusion from debates prior to November’s elections.

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Voter’s top choice: Make it Mayor Daley

4 Nov

Pat Quinn votes at the Galewood Community Church, 1776 N. Narragansett on Nov. 2, 2010. (Photo by Juan Manuel Rodriguez)

Not to be outdone by the mainstream media, had students on the streets interviewing Chicagoans as they exited voting booths. We talked to dozens of voters. We even bumped into Pat Quinn casting his vote. Here are just a few of our favorite one-liners:

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As expected, Giannoulias’ people weren’t interested

4 Nov

On the radio side, Lars Weborg, a production intern for WBEZ-FM in Chicago, also got a crash course in Election Night coverage. Here is his account:

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Live at NBC 5: Behind the scenes on busy election night

3 Nov

Ally Clark—a DePaul University journalism major and intern at—recounts her Election Night experience.

Part of the job description for Alexandra Clark, an intern this Fall assisting’s managing editor, reads: Must have computer and typing skills, good judgment, writing ability, creativity and ability to work in a fast-paced environment.

On Election Night, all of that and more were required working in the fastest-growing segment of the journalism industry. Here is Alexandra’s account of the four hours leading to the 10 o’clock news and beyond.

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