How Emanuel is spending some of that reserve money

18 Mar

By Christine Hurley

The mayoral election is over, but what happens to the remaining funds Mayor-elect Emanuel has left? He began the year with little over $8.3 million in his campaign reserves. Now, it is estimated he has $2 million remaining.

Emanuel has chosen eight candidates in the 14 aldermanic run-off elections on April 5 to support. This can be financial or personnel.

Last week Emanuel began a political action committee “The New Chicago Committee” to give funds to candidates who fit his reform agenda. According to David Morrison, Associate Director Illinois Campaign for Political Reform, under the new campaign finance law, Emanuel could give up to $50,000 from his PAC to each aldermanic candidate.

However, the new law limits Emanuel to only be able to transfer $50,000 from his mayoral election reserves to his PAC. So, old-fashioned fundraising is the name of the game for The New Chicago Committee.

Hunter Clauss of Early & Often reported that Emanuel has already given $16,000 for a poll to Danny Solis (25th Ward) and $10,000 for phone banks to Freddrenna Lyle (6th), JoAnn Thompson (16th) and Latasha Thomas (17th).

“All of his spending from the PAC will be reported as an expenditure on his next campaign disclosure report,” said Morrison. “[The report] will cover the time period Jan. 1 through March 31, and is due to the State Board of Elections by April 15.”

Amidst accusations of buying seats in city council, Emanuel has said he is working to reform Chicago. “I want a council that will part of the reform agenda, and be a partner in that effort,” he said.



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