Obama holds Emanuel’s feet to the fire this time

10 Mar

By Courtney Pohlman

What kind of person did Chicago elect as its new mayor? Why not push aside the highly-public political rhetoric for a closer look at Rahm Emanuel—and what one very famous friend had to say about him.

In a 2005 benefit for Citizens United for Research of Epilepsy (CURE), then U.S. Representative Rahm Emanuel was “honored” for his work with the charity in a roast by friends and colleagues.

Paul Begala, former advisor to President Clinton, was the master of ceremonies while other speakers included then-U.S. Senator Barack Obama. The future President playfully poked all kinds of fun at Emanuel, his future Chief-of-Staff and now Chicago’s mayor-elect.

Who knew? He touched on Emanuel’s ballet training which he pointed out prepared Rahm to “move feet to the left and to the right without anyone one knowing where he stood.” He recalled a “tragic deli slicer accident” in which he was left with only half a middle finger rendering him “practically mute.”

It’s a different side of Emanuel. Find out what else Chicago’s new mayor elect is known for by his friends and colleagues, as broadcast by C-Span and on the above YouTube video.



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