Here’s one lock to win Tuesday’s election: Stephanie Neely

20 Feb

Stephanie Neely

By Christine Hurley

The quietest citywide race is the one for Chicago Treasurer, where incumbent Stephanie Neely is unopposed. That does not mean voters should go to the polls uninformed. Here are five items about the job and candidate they may or may not wish to know:

1. The office is custodian and manager of all cash and investments for the City of Chicago, City employee pension funds and the Chicago Teacher’s Pension Fund; an overall portfolio of $7 billion.

2. The job pays $135,000, according to news accounts.

3. Neely was elected to her first term four years ago, when she was unopposed, and got 80.8% of the vote. She is unopposed again this year after potential challenger Elida Cruz was kicked off the ballot for not having enough valid signatures.

4. Neely holds a Bachelor’s degree in economics from Smith College and a Master’s of Business Administration in Finance from the University of Chicago. She was a vice president with Northern Trust Global Investments before entering public service. Neely, who has a son and lives on the South Side, was first appointed by Mayor Daley in Dec. 2006 to fill the position after Judith Rice resigned.

5. Rice, the daughter of former Chicago Police Supt. Fred Rice, was appointed by Mayor Daley. She replaced Miriam Santos, who served as City Treasurer from 1989-2000 before pleading guilty to five counts of mail fraud and one count of extortion and served time in prison.


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