43rd Ward headed for runoff? Egan, Smith split endorsements

16 Feb

By Megan Ashley

Is the 43rd Ward aldermanic race headed for a special runoff with no candidate able to capture more than 50 percent of the votes Tuesday?

It happened four years ago, when incumbent Ald. Vi Daley had to go that route to get re-elected, and there’s evidence it may happen again in the wide-open, Lincoln Park race to replace her. The ever-important Chicago newspaper endorsements, often a key in grassroots’ elections,  are divided on  choices in the crowded field of ward candidates.

Tim Egan has the nod from The Tribune, which said: “Egan has the best approach to keep this community one of the most vibrant in the city.” Michele Smith got the support of the Sun-Times, which said she had “good government credentials” and that she “would demand the very best in future development.”

Meanwhile, in the 32nd Ward, which also includes parts of Lincoln Park and the DePaul campus, Ald. Scott Waguespack has the endorsement of both Chicago newspapers. The Tribune called him “a model alderman” and the Sun-Times said he was “an effective advocate locally…”



One Response to “43rd Ward headed for runoff? Egan, Smith split endorsements”

  1. Secret Squirrel 60614 February 19, 2011 at 10:46 pm #

    Yes, It is likely to be a runoff, but making it more interesting is some info about Michele Smith. Her place on the ballot is in question due to some fundraising irregularities that she plead guilty to. So if Michele is 1 or 2, then the #3 spot becomes very important because it is likely that Michele Smith will be struck from the ballot (and subsequently the runoff). The #3 candidate may be in the runoff.

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