Gery Chico’s social media blitz

26 Jan

By Len Kody

Since the game-changing news came Monday that front-runner Rahm Emanuel’s name might be removed from February’s municipal election ballot, Gery Chico has been running a Caleb Haine-style, hurry-up, no-huddle social media offense to capitalize on what has become a whole new ball game in the campaign for mayor of Chicago.

The Chico team kicked off a busy week on their YouTube channel with a video of the candidate mixing it up with tailgaters in the Soldier Field parking lot before Sunday’s NFC Championship Bears-Packers game.

Gery Chico shakes hands with tailgaters in the Soldier Field parking lot before Sunday’s Bears-Packers game.

Chico also provided his own play-by-play of the game by way of his @GeryChico Twitter account.

“We knew it was going to be a great game!!! I want a @CalebHanie12 shirt! #BearDown,” the candidate tweeted.

It is not yet confirmed if Chico got his Hanie shirt, but it would not be long before he would get a Caleb Hanie-like opportunity to jump from third stringer to number one contender when the starter was unexpectedly benched.

Following the appellate court’s decision Monday—stating that Rahm Emanuel did not meet the residency requirements to run for mayor—Chico’s Twitter account began a new play-by-play color commentary of his social media blitz.

“Today’s news is a surprise. It will not affect how I run my campaign, which from day one, has been about jobs, public safety & education,” Chico tweeted on Monday.

The timely endorsement of Chico by the Chicago firefighters union on Tuesday was well documented by vidoes on Chico’s YouTube and Facebook pages. Pictures of Chico’s endorsement were fired out in real time via his Twitter account: “It’s an honor to have the support of #Chicago Firefighters and Paramedics! #ChicagoMayor



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