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Records show Rahm already a big winner in one race: $$$

31 Jan

According to the Illinois State Board of Elections, Rahm Emanuel has $8,337,872.47 in his campaign fund before the election. (AP Photo/Paul Beaty, File)

By Jennifer Schanz

It was “Deep Throat,” or Mark Felt, from “All the President’s Men” who first reminded us to the “follow the money.” Nearly forty years later, his advice still holds solid.

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Mayoral candidates unanimous: Rahm’s residency was distraction

30 Jan

Rahm Emanuel addressed the residency ruling as he took questions from the media after Thursday night's televised mayoral debate on WGN-TV. (Photo by Christine Hurley)

By Christine Hurley and Maham Khan

If the Chicago mayoral election seems like a circus to some, the Thursday night debate inside WGN-TV studios was in the correct room. Until 2001, Studio 1—the site of the debate—was Bozo the Clown’s home.

There was no walking line of elephants, but the road leading to the studios was lined with Gery Chico and Rahm Emanuel supporters buoyed by a Supreme Court decision to let their man remain on the ballot just a few hours earlier. Every major television channel had a camera at the front doors waiting to catch a glimpse of the candidates.

If you’re looking for the play-by-play, here is a recap of the live DePolitics1011 Twitter feed during the debate:

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Helpful BGA scorecard holds candidates to short answers

29 Jan

By Courtney Sturgeon

Does the Chicago mayoral election seem like a game show? With more than its share of candidate debates and forums, having trouble keeping everyone’s pledges straight?

“Chicago Mayor for $600, Alex.”

The Better Government Association may have the answer to keeping everything straight in a scoreboard roundup of where candidates stand on issues, an exercise that allows voters to also participate.

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Gery Chico’s social media blitz

26 Jan

By Len Kody

Since the game-changing news came Monday that front-runner Rahm Emanuel’s name might be removed from February’s municipal election ballot, Gery Chico has been running a Caleb Haine-style, hurry-up, no-huddle social media offense to capitalize on what has become a whole new ball game in the campaign for mayor of Chicago.

The Chico team kicked off a busy week on their YouTube channel with a video of the candidate mixing it up with tailgaters in the Soldier Field parking lot before Sunday’s NFC Championship Bears-Packers game.

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DePaul event promises to leave no Chicago election stone unturned

26 Jan

Carol Moseley Braun’s income tax returns? Rahm Emanuel’s residency problems?

The Chicago election Feb. 22 already is one for the books, no matter who’s on the ballot, and it will get special attention Feb. 9 at DePaul University from a panel of experts that includes a campaign reformer, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and former Cook County elected official.

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25 Jan

By Lars Weborg

Episode 2: WTTW mayoral forum with guest Len Kody



32nd Ward Lincoln Park candidate forum anything but relaxed

24 Jan

The 32nd Ward aldermanic forum participants were (from left): Brian Gorman, Bryan Lynch, David Palik and—distancing himself from the others—Ald. Scott Waguespack. (Photo by Jennifer Schanz)

By Jennifer Schanz

Following the previous Thursday’s mellow, candidate forum for Vi Daley’s aldermanic seat in the 43rd Ward, Lincoln Park’s sister ward, the 32nd, produced anything but a laidback event for residents.

Those in attendance Thursday evening expected the evening to be informational, including Kim Schilf, president and CEO of the Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce, which sponsored the forum.

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