This candidate could make problems for his landlord

13 Nov

By Ally Clark

Less than a week to go before petitions can be filed for the Chicago mayoral race, a new candidate is hinting at throwing his hat into the ring. Could this one be Rahm Emanuel’s kryptonite?

Meet Rob Halpin. He’s the guy renting Emanuel’s house on the Northside and refused to move out back in September, then throwing a wrench in the former White House Chief of Staff’s mayoral dreams. Granted, Rahm solved the problem quickly by finding another place to rent, but Emanuel’s residency could still be challenged after he officially declares his run.

The Chicago Tribune, NBC Chicago, FOX Chicago and Huffington Post are a few media outlets to confirm Halpin’s intent to run and, let’s be honest, it’s hard for the media to turn a blind eye to a story as juicy as this: Rahm’s tenant, who refused to move out, is now running against him.

In fact, it could give Halpin free publicity that Rahm is paying millions for in his campaign. Talk about leveling the playing field.

Halpin’s announcement of a run is significant because, whether he wins or not, he highlights the twist that Rahm is not considered a legal Chicago resident by candidate guidelines. It’s almost a guarantee, some say, that Emanuel’s campaign will be tied up in court with challenges for his residency.

However, it’s still dependent on one thing; can Halpin get the 12,500 signatures on his petition before next week’s deadline. Stay tuned.

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