Rutherford wants to expand financial literacy programs

7 Nov

Who: Dan Rutherford (R)

Office: Illinois State Treasurer

Job description: Under the fifth article of the Illinois Constitution, the treasurer “shall be responsible for the safekeeping and investment of monies and securities.” In short, the treasurer is the state banker; Rutherford will be tasked with protecting and managing government funds.

Personal: Rutherford currently represents the 53rd district in the Illinois Senate. He previously served in the Illinois House of Representatives for ten years (1993-2003). The treasurer-elect is single, 55 years old and lives in Chenoa, Ill. An adventurer at heart, Rutherford is a certified scuba diver, has traveled through Africa and managed to reach all seven continents before turning 40.

Outlook: Rutherford campaigned on the platform of bringing “tough love” to Springfield. He promised to cut costs, streamline government, expand financial literacy programs and close satellite offices of the treasury.

Megan Ashley

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