Voter’s top choice: Make it Mayor Daley

4 Nov

Pat Quinn votes at the Galewood Community Church, 1776 N. Narragansett on Nov. 2, 2010. (Photo by Juan Manuel Rodriguez)

Not to be outdone by the mainstream media, had students on the streets interviewing Chicagoans as they exited voting booths. We talked to dozens of voters. We even bumped into Pat Quinn casting his vote. Here are just a few of our favorite one-liners:

Fanny Taylor, 56, retired nurse: “The only person I hoped to retain is Mayor Daley. I’m not kidding. He didn’t let Chicago go below the poverty line. I’m sorry he’s retiring.”

Ashley Williams, 44, teacher:  “I went Democrat all the way! I’m an educated voter.”

Renee Houston, 44, educator: “I’m not really happy about the candidates for governor. We didn’t have much of a choice.”

Jaimie Branch, 27, musician: “Bill Brady is insane. We’d be in big trouble (if Brady got elected).”

Mary Scott, 50, accountant: “Whatever that man (Rod Blagojevich) did, it’s not (Pat) Quinn’s fault. He just worked there.”

Rashid Motivala, 66, retired: “The economy did affect my voting because the past has ruined any possibilities to recover in little time, but we are in the right path.”

Juan Manuel Rodriguez, Lisa Klein, J.V. Siegel

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