27 Oct

Eric Zorn

Zorn, a graduate of the University of Michigan, has worked at the Chicago Tribune since 1980. After five years as a feature writer and radio columnist in the Tempo section he moved to the metropolitan news staff, where in late 1986, he became a news-feature columnist. In August of 2003, Zorn started the Tribune’s first Web log, which appears five days a week.

Q: How does 2010 election campaigning in the Chicago area compare to past mid-term elections?

A: It’s much zestier. The governor’s race is much tighter; the senate race last time wasn’t even a contest and the tea party thing has temperatures high.

Q: What is your assessment of Chicago media coverage of the 2010 political campaigning?

A: Mainstream media has not done as aggressive and thorough a job as I’d like in fact-checking candidate claims both in commercials and out.

Q: Any predictions on the Feb. 22 city elections?


If I had to lay money down today, I’d have Emanuel and Chico going one, two, but I won’t count out Tom Dart. Don’t see a lot traction money anywhere else. I’d bet on Rahm for the final, and maintain it’s a slim possibility that he’ll do better than 50 percent and avoid the runoff. He’ll have lots of money.

Kelli Heinz

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