25 Oct

Mary Laney

Laney is an award winning journalist and columnist. Over the last three decades, she has reported in radio, television and print sectors of journalism for several national and local networks as well as the Chicago Sun-Times. She was also a Midwest Correspondent for CNN and Editorial Director of NBC, WMAQ-TV in Chicago.

Q: How does 2010 election campaigning in the Chicago area compare to past mid-term elections?

A: There is a huge interest in voting in this mid-term election. In the past, turnout was very low. Not this year. Polling shows that voters are anxious to vote Nov. 2.

Q: What is your assessment of Chicago media coverage of the 2010 political campaigning?

A: The electronic media has been fairer than Chicago dailies so far. As an example, the Chicago Sun-Times ran a big story saying that Mark Kirk lied again regarding his leadership in getting congress to pass legislation blocking all aid to Iran. The story was subsequently debunked by other papers that listed Kirk’s efforts toward this going back four years.

Q: What changes would you like to see in future election campaigning?

A: I would like to see an end to media endorsements and, instead, leave the decision up to the voters.

Jennifer Schanz

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