Winner of Kirk vs. Giannoulias debate? Maybe it was Gregory

11 Oct

By Ally Clark

While thousands of Chicagoans took to the streets for the marathon on Sunday, Mark Kirk and Alexi Giannoulias faced off in their first public debate.

Meet the Press, a political program presented by NBC early Sunday mornings, featured both candidates battling for the President Obama’s former U.S. Senate seat. It proved to be quite the showdown between the banker and the government veteran.

For those who were running or at the marathon, the biggest thing you missed was David Gregory grilling each candidate about their respective scandals.

Giannoulias faced questions regarding his involvement Broadway Bank and alleged mob ties, followed by Kirk’s turn in the hot seat over embellishments about his military record.

As if the grilling from Gregory was not enough, each then had to listen to their opponent’s two cents on the scandal. To see how each handled the other, check out Meet the Press read the full transcript or watch the video below.

So who was the winner in this debate? Clearly it was David Gregory for doing an good job not letting either candidate off the hook and calling them out when needed.

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