Voting naked in Illinois: no lines and no waiting

28 Sep

By Ally Clark

Yes, it’s true: This year Illinois voters can cast their ballots sitting on their couch, naked.  Simply check out the website Vote Naked Illinois. reports

“Voting is so easy you can literally vote naked in the privacy of your own home,” says Kevin Hauswirth, Director of Advertising and Promotions at Roosevelt University,  who’s helping to promote Vote Naked Illinois.  The group is attempting to battle low voter turnout by encouraging Illinois voters to grab absentee ballots and cast  ballots in the buff.  The campaign was designed to take advantage of a new Illinois qualification for absentee voters that allows anyone to apply for mail-in form.”

Hauswirth does advise that those going to the polls should cover up to avoid indecent exposure charges.  The slogan was a catchy way for organizers from Equality Illinois Education Project to show the benefits of voting at home.

“Someone mentioned that absentee ballots made it possible to vote on the couch wearing your PJ’s,” explains Hauswirth. “Someone then took it further by saying you could do it naked and we knew that would be the slogan”

For the full story and a photo gallery, you can go to or check out the Facebook page for the lists of events. The promotional video also can be seen on YouTube at:

“Don’t worry, everyone will be clothed,” adds Hauswirth.